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My SAS Affiliate Review - Leadership and Acountability!

My Honest Review Of Jason Caluori & Barry Plaskow's New Course On Using GroovePages To Make Money

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Leadership and Accountability

When you embark on a new endeavor or journey to create something of value you will find many people and programs that promise you success and unknown riches. 

This is what I have found since I retired from the U.S. Marines in 2009 and realized that I did not want to work for someone else. 

Making money from home was a thought I had, then a dream and now a plan of action. 

Why? Leadership and accountability are why

SAS Affiliate provides the training program with detailed instructions on how to use the tools and create websites and affiliate offer pages that produce success. 

They, also, provide something I have not found in any other program - Leadership and Accountability.   

Step-by-step instructions are not only described and taught to you. 

You will find that the presenter, Jason Caluori, will provide you an over the shoulder look at how to use the tools and create a website for his own business. 

So, he practices what he preaches. 

Using GroovePages and SAS Affiliate, Jason Caluori shows you how to build an affiliate page to earn commissions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

You cannot be successful if you don't implement the training. 

So, to ensure you are following the steps and implementing the strategies Jason Caluori will review your website and send you a video review of the site with suggested changes and improvement so give you the best possible chance of success. 

You are taught the process and then the principal instructor reviews your site and gives you personalized help on how to make your site better.  

How is that for leadership and accountability

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    Is SAS Affiliate Legit or Not?

    After completing the initial training for setting up a one-page affiliate website, I found that I was able to create the page, create relevant content for it and then publish it within 5 days of purchasing SAS Affiliate

    The program works. Jason Caluori competed a video review of my site and I incorporated the changes he suggested, and my page is beginning to rank on Googleยฎ.

    The only reason you or anyone must even suggest SAS Affiliate does not live up to what is promised is because you did not do the work. 

    In every program I have been a part of you have to do the work to see results.

    Do the work and you will see that SAS Affiliate is truly legit.

    Pros of SAS Affiliate Platinum

    The pros of an SAS Affiliate membership are simple and easy to quantify.  

    You get step-by-step, over the shoulder instruction.

    You get live, weekly training on how to create and improve your affiliate websites.

    You get pre-made, high converting templates to get you off and running with no need for any technical skills in creating websites.

    You get on demand website reviews with a video explaining where you can improve your affiliate website.

    You also become part of a community that is there to help each other become successful with affiliate marketing.

    You get unwavering leadership and accountability to help you be as successful as you want to be, so long as you put in the work.

    Now the CONS of SAS Affiliate Platinum

    I can think of only one CON to SAS Affiliate and that is that Jason Caluori doesn't build your site for you.

    Seriously, he does everything else to make it as simple and easy as possible for you to be successful that I am surprised he doesn't build the site for you.  

    So What's The Final Verdict?

    While many affiliate marketing training programs are out there, they tend to make the training and learning process difficult to understand. 

    The instructions seem clouded in mystery as if there was some clear secret to building these websites. 

    This makes the instructions and training seem murky and makes you feel dependent on the trainer for success.

    This is not the case with SAS Affiliate since Jason Caluori makes the training simple to understand, offers examples on how to implement what was taught by building his own affiliate website at the same time. There is no mystery to building a profitable affiliate marketing website and SAS Affiliate and Jason Caluori prove it.  

    With leadership and accountability built into the training you not only feel like the program is designed to help you be successful, Jason Caluori will review your site and provide vital feedback to increase your chances of success.  

    The final verdict...when you combine GroovePages with SAS Affiliate you have two (2) of the best programs available to create successful and profitable affiliate marketing websites - AT WILL.  

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    Join SAS Affiliate

    If you are looking for a comprehensive, step-by-step instructions on how to create a profitable business online, then SAS Affiliate is worth the price of admission. You will get all of the resources and tools you need to build you first successful website in 48 hours. Invest in knowledge and coaching for success and get your copy of SAS Affiliate today!


    Frequently Asked Questions About

    SAS Affiliate ...

    • Q. Can someone with no background whatsoever take GroovePages and turn it into a traffic magnet? Is, are people already able to do this?

     - Yes, people with no background in online marketing can turn GrooveFunnels into a traffic magnet and create a profitable business with it.  You can visit the page directly here ==> SAS Affiliate Instagram Page to get updated posts on how members are doing and see their success stories and progress.

    • Q. That is great and all, but CAN I DO THIS? Can I make money online with SAS Affiliate and GroovePages even though I have no experience?

     - Both brand new and veterans can do this.  SAS Affiliate provides live trainings that are recorded so they can be reviewed and implemented on your schedule. You also get bonus training, a very engaged Facebook Group with a community and leaders that help each other work through issues so that the members can be successful. Once you create your sites in GrooveFunnels using the SAS Affiliate step-by-step plan you can have your site reviewed and get a video recording with feedback on your site and what to correct.

    • Q. Can this be used for eCommerce?

     - Yes, SAS Affiliate can be used to increase traffic to your eCommerce site and increase revenue. What is most important about the SAS Affiliate program is that the traffic that it will help you drive to your eCommerce site is TARGETED specifically for your site. So you drive targeted BUYERS looking for your site. GroovePages membership includes GrooveKart which is a replacement for Shopify and helps you build a SEO driven eCommerce site. SAS Affiliate and GroovePages working together reduce costs and increase profits for eCommerce stores.

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